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Pastor Marcia

Serving the North Cascade SDA Church since July, 2016

Pastor Marcia has always had a heart for pastoral ministry, but when she was young the church was not ready for women pastors. So she became a physician instead.

Marcia enjoyed life as a preacher’s kid. She attended six different church schools during her first eight years of school. It made her a bit of a gypsy, always ready to move on.


During her high school years at what is now Ozark Adventist Academy in Arkansas she considered ministry but realized that was not a real option in those days. When she went to Southwestern Adventist College she was a pre-med student then continued her education at Loma Linda University Medical School.

She met her future husband, Ken, in anatomy class at Loma Linda. They were married about halfway through medical school. After internship they moved to Arkansas to work in a doctor-shortage area for three years before moving to Longview, Washington.

Marcia was a stay-at-home mom for four years in Longview to daughter Gem and son Tristan. Then Marcia opened her own practice, first in general practice and then a practice limited to nursing home patients. Ken was an emergency physician in Longview for 36 years.

During all those years Marcia was active in the church in a wide variety of ministries. She loves people and passionately wants them to know Jesus more fully. After closing her medical practice in 2002 she became a part-time volunteer pastor at the Kelso-Longview Adventist Church until they moved to Burlington in 2016. In 2013 Marcia graduated from Andrews University with a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry. 

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