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Form to be filled by the Parents. Please make the $25 payment directly to the Church Youth Budget.


  1. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REGISTER ON THIS WEBSITE AND THAT YOU SIGN THE WAIVER FORM IF YOUR TEEN IS UNDERAGE. (Print it and send it with your teen) Your Teen won’t be able to travel without this form.

  2. There are limited tickets available.

  3. The church has registered as a group, so you will have to register with the church.

  4. The price is only $25, covers transportation, lunch, dinner, and activities in the program

  5. To make it easier for you, feel free to pay the church after or before the event.

  6. It is a one day only event, we will be leaving 8:30 am and be back by 8:30 pm

  7. We will be departing from the Youth House

  8. Bring Comfortable Clothing

  9. The following adults will be supporting this event:

    1. Sheila Von Bergen

    2. Earnie and Lola Vatoe

    3. Pastor Steven and Linda Fonseca

Feel free to email Pastor Steven for more info:

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