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listening to culture


Much of the secular world believes that society and civilization are getting better and better. Onward and upward. Scripture agrees that "the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice," but not because society is evolving and maturing. We believe we're headed somewhere good because God has secured a better tomorrow. And because we believe in God's bright future, we work to create signposts for it here and now. 

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“For to us a Child is born,
   to us a Son is given,
   and the government will be on His shoulders...
Of the greatness of His government and peace
   there will be no end.
He will reign on David’s throne
   and over his kingdom,
establishing a
nd upholding it
   with justice and righteousness
   from that time on and forever.


Isaiah 9:6-7


Read, watch, or listen to a piece of media that speaks about the value of progress. It can be a song, movie, article, news clip, book, television show, podcast or social media thread. Think about what you just engaged with:


  • What is the vision of progress presented?

  • Why is the idea of progress valued?

  • How does this compare to a Christian view of progress?

  • What else did you notice? 



  • Research: Do some searching and reading about progressive Christianity. How does this strain of the Church relate to our discussion about progress? What about this movement is appealing to you? What are some criticisms of it that you think are val

  • Consider: In what ways has the world gotten worse in the last ten years? In what ways has it gotten better? Read Matthew 13:24-30. How does Jesus talk about the way that good and evil will grow together over time? 

Desert Dunes 16 - 16x9.jpg


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