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listening to culture


Science and faith are often presented as foes in a turf war, but historically they have been partners. The greatest minds in the scientific revolution saw science as the discovery of God's fingerprints in the world around them. Today, science has gone from glorifying God to replacing Him. What is behind this deification of science in culture?

Desert Dunes 16 - 16x9.jpg

“It is I who made the earth
   and created mankind on it.
My own hands stretched out the heavens;
   I marshaled their starry hosts.


Isaiah 45:1`2


Read, watch, or listen to a piece of media that speaks about the value of science. It can be a song, movie, article, news clip, book, television show, podcast or social media thread. Think about what you just engaged with:


  • How is science presented? Is a tension between faith and science shown?

  • Why is science valued so highly?

  • What else did you notice? 



  • Read: "The Racism of Darwin and Darwinism," Richard Weikart. How did Darwin's scientific conclusions impact his view of others? What other dangers exist when God is removed from the study of science? 

  • Research: Learn about a famous historical scientist. Were they theistic or atheistic? How did that impact their work?

Desert Dunes 16 - 16x9.jpg
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